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Alcamo Marina has one of the longest sandy shores of Sicily. Kilometres of sandy shores give hospitality to tourists who want to relax in the sun, sunbathe on board the boats that line the coast or challenge the waves with windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Alcamo Marina: a triumph of tourists

Precisely for this reason, Alcamo Marina is filled with tourists and Sicilians in summer who visit Alcamo for holidays, both in houses near the sea and in the hilly that are still close to the beach.

The salient feature of the Alcamese life is tuna fishing, which still adopts traditional mattanza (traditional method of tuna fishing).

Today, mattanza is disappearing, as tuna fishing takes place further from the shore, but for some occasions, it is still adopted in conjunction with particular events.

Aficionados of geology and palaeontology will find a great abundance of fossils collected in the so-called Fossilandia in Alcamo Marina, a very large area where there are remains of very ancient molluscs.

What to do and see in Alcamo Marina?

The distance between Alcamo and Alcamo Marina is very short and a visit to the city of Alcamo is also to be contemplated if you are staying in Alcamo Marina.

  • Quattrocieli Winery: the western part of Sicily is rich in wine cellars of international importance. One of the most appreciated is the Quattrocieli winery, which can be visited by tourists who are curious to learn about and taste the creative processes that lead to Catarrato, Nero d’Avola and Syrah.
  • Castle of the Counts of Modica: located in the centre of Piazza Castello, this medieval castle was built around 1300 and went down in history for having been raided by the Islamic pirate Barbarossa in 1534.
  • Fossilandia: in a short time it has become one of the main attractions of Alcamo Marina, with guided tours to discover fossils in the park. The star of Fossilandia is Geochelone, a giant tortoise belonging to the Pleistocene period, whose remains were found in the Travertine quarries of Alcamo. The association that manages Fossilandia also offers workshops for children with dedicated educational material.


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