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Custonaci is a town of approximately 5000 inhabitants in the province of Trapani, especially famous in Europe for the production of marble.

Why visit Custonaci?

This town contains the second largest European marble basin, with about 100 quarries currently active that line the entire landscape.

Those wishing to spend a holiday in western Sicily can choose Custonaci for two main reasons: due to its hilly position, milder temperatures compared to the municipalities directly exposed to the sea, and a lower turnout compared to the more visited San Vito and Castellammare del Golfo.

The visit to Custonaci cannot help but include the town’s place of worship par excellence, the sanctuary of Maria Santissima of Custonaci, which houses a painting of the Madonna nursing the Infant Jesus dating back to the school of Antonello da Messina.

Another place of interest is the Monte Cofano reserve, partly within Custonaci, with the related Tonnara.

What to do and see in Custonaci

  • Mangiapane Cave: this cave is a real dive into the past of the life of Custonaci. Just over 60 years ago it was the heart of a house inhabited with separate spaces for each activity of the house, and it is still possible to understand the intended use of each room and how it was used for different trades.
  • The Cultural Exhibition Centre for Marble: the tradition of Custonaci marble is contained in this marble museum, which includes, in addition to an internal visit, excursions to the active quarries to witness the marble extraction processes first-hand. You will discover how the marble is sampled, the work tools involved, reliefs and photographs.
  • Baia Cornino: among the many beaches that welcome tourists in Custonaci, we should mention Baia Cornino, at the foot of Mount Cofano. Visitors mingle on an uncrowded beach, from the shallow sea to the shoreline with rocks that also lends itself to snorkelling activities.


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