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The magnificent hamlet of Scopello, just a few kilometres from Castellammare del Golfo, is one of the most evocative places in Sicily for its spectacular nature of the landscapes and it is able to offer and enchant all visitors and Sicilians themselves.

Scopello and the Faraglioni: a unique place

The seafaring village of Scopello is known throughout the world especially for the Faraglioni (stacks), the two rocks that, standing side by side in the deep water of the Scopello sea, create a unique natural scenery of its kind.

You can not spend a holiday in Scopello without visiting the Tonnara, one of the oldest in Sicily, built around 1200 and taken over the centuries by various Sicilian families, including the Florio.

To access the Faraglioni beach you will have to go right through the Tonnara, thus being able to combine the guided tour of the building with a beautiful swim in its transparent waters.

What to do and see in Scopello?

  • Boat excursion: it is the best way to discover every corner of Scopello, getting close to the stacks to enjoy a romantic aperitif on a sailboat or to move from one cove to another and dive into the crystal clear waters with a diving mask. Scopello is also the natural “gateway” to the Zingaro nature reserve, coming from the South.
  • Piazza Nettuno: the town’s main square is actually the daughter of the expansion of an ancient eighteenth-century courtyard house, surrounded by the small town of Scopello.
  • Pane Cunzato: you can’t pass by Scopello without getting fascinated by its on-the-go sandwich par excellence. Cunzato is a freshly baked bread and seasoned with sliced tomato, anchovies, salt, pepper, oregano, cheese and olive oil. Ready to be taken to the beach or consumed on the spot, if you can’t really resist!
  • The Tonnara: one of the landscapes that remain most imprinted in the minds of tourists is that of the ancient Tonnara in the foreground with the background of the Faraglioni (stacks) of Scopello right behind it. The visit to the tonnara is an obligatory stop for those who pass by Scopello: this is where international film sets of the calibre of Ocean’s Twelve and our local Inspector Montalbano have passed, conquered by its magical colours in this enchanted place. The Tonnara is surrounded by two large towers that preserved and defended this flagship of the Sicilian economy: tuna fishing and mattanza (a traditional form of tuna fishing) helped village inhabitants flourish, who obtained most of their earnings from their catch.


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