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The municipality of Terrasini is one of the liveliest and busiest during the Sicilian summer.

Terrasini and the nightlife

The promenade alternates rocky coves with sandy beaches, which in the evening turn into open-air discos and host DJ sets throughout the summer.

The city centre is a flourish of pubs and restaurants that constitute a reference point for tourists who, arriving in Terrasini, want to enjoy a fine meal with fresh fish.

Terrasini is also known for the natural oriented Capo Rama Reserve, managed by the WWF, which hosts the typical fauna of the rocky coasts and a great variety of coastal plants.

The oldest monument of Terrasini is inside Capo Rama, the Tower of Capo Rama, built around 1400 to spot and protect the town from pirate invasions.

Another place of historical interest is the Villa Fassini, an example of Sicilian Art Nouveau that became a meeting place for hippies from all over Europe in the 70s.

What to do and see in Terrasini

  • Museo del Carretto Siciliano (Museum of the Sicilian Cart): the Sicilian cart is the symbol of Sicilian transport in the world. It has a very ancient and fascinating history as told through the finds of the Sicilian Cart Museum. How were they built? Where do allegorical forms and the choice of colours come from? What is the difference between Trapani, Palermo and Sicilian carts? All these questions are answered in the visit to the Museo del Carretto, absolutely to do with children to enchant them with a proper piece of history.
  • The Capo Rama Reserve: this nature reserve is perhaps less known than the Zingaro, but offers equally beautiful sunsets to be admired reaching the highest peak of the promontory. Compared to the Zingaro, it is more easily practicable, and therefore also more suitable for the less agile and the less experienced in trekking.
  • Chiesa Madre Maria SS. delle Grazie: it dominates the central square of Terrasini, and from here it is always visible externally from those who stop right in the square to sip an aperitif or enjoy a meal with friends. It contains twelve chapels dedicated to the patron saints of the arts and crafts. Besides being open for visits, masses are held regularly.


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