Zingaro Nature Reserve

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Every year the Zingaro Nature Reserve welcomes thousands of visitors, tourists and hikers who want to explore the unspoiled nature of the reserve both by land and by sea.

Zingaro Nature Reserve

The Zingaro, as it is often abbreviated by the Sicilians, is located between Castellammare del Golfo and San Vito, and unlike many Sicilian beaches, it is not contaminated by the presence of a road that passes close to the beaches.

The reserve covers almost 7 km of coastline and 1700 hectares: it is the largest in Sicily and can it almost entirely be explored by walking.

For convenience, this space is divided into ten coves or caves that correspond to access points to the sea. Of these ten coves, four are the stopping points that tourists use as main beaches.

To visit the Zingaro, you can also choose the sea route: with a rental boat, you can discover all the coves along the shore to reach to the most beautiful ones.

How to visit the Zingaro?

Given the size of the Zingaro nature reserve, many tourists prefer to learn out about its best routes and tracks to follow when visiting on foot, then passing through the mountain to move from one cove to another.

Adventurers can choose between three types of path: skirt the coast, move towards the mountain or climb directly into the mountains to enjoy the view from above.

  • The Coastal path: it is about 7 km long for an average of two hours. It is the shortest path and recommended for non-trekking experts. The route includes Punta Capreira and Tonnarella dell’Uzzo among its destinations.
  • Mid-coastal path: although it is about 1 km shorter than the first, the mid-coastal path is of medium difficulty and takes longer. In total, about 3 hours. Moving away from the coast to enter the villages within the Zingaro reserve, that include Contrada Sughero and Borgo Cusenza.
  • Long path: recommended only for expert hikers who often practice trekking, due to the impervious nature of the path that leads to climbing and facing very steep descents between the Zingaro mountains. The entire route takes about 8 hours of walking for a total of 14 km.


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