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We ask you to purchase the ticket before your bus departure and to check that data printed on your ticket is correct.

You are required to keep your ticket intact for the entire duration of the trip and to show it to the crew when requested.

Yes, according to Law 205/2017, you can obtain the deduction of the expenses incurred for the purchase of weekly/monthly tickets with the local public transport, to the extent of 19 % of the expenses and up to a maximum amount of Ꞓ 250.00 per year.
In your tax return, you need to produce a copy of your identification card together with the weekly/monthly travel coupons associated to the same card.

If you are not in possession of a valid ticket, you shall be obliged to the payment of the ticket as well as of a penalty amounting to three times the price of the ticket.

If you pay forthwith, the penalty will be reduced to 1/3. You need to be in possession of a valid identification document and any refusal to exhibit it upon departure is subject to the sanctions under Article 651 of the Criminal Code.

We remind you that the falsification of travel documents is subject to the sanctions under Article 462 of the Criminal Code.

To travel with us, you can choose among the following travel tickets: from single to weekly/monthly tickets, buy what best suits your needs

  • On www.segesta.it
  • On the App Segesta Autolinee
  • At the authorized ticket sale points Segesta Autolinee
  • On board (mode temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 emergency)

Yes, up to thirty minutes before the original time of departure, you can change the time and date of your departure by clicking on change booking.

Remember that, if it is a round trip ticket, the discount is applied only if the return journey takes place on the same date as that of the outward journey; if it is a weekly pass, all ten or twelve journeys must be taken within the same week, respectively from Monday to Friday or from Monday to Saturday; if it is a monthly pass, all forty, fifty or sixty journeys must be taken within the same month, be it a Monday to Friday or a Monday to Saturday or an every day pass.

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Upon purchase of a full-fare ticket, you are allowed to carry on board one single pet (of small size), not belonging to wild species of proven and notorious danger.

Animals must travel in special cages or suitable containers so as to prevent they move inside the vehicle. Cages must be placed at the foot of the adjacent seat and not on the seat. Dogs must also wear a muzzle and be kept on a leash.

In the event that the animal soils the vehicle or causes any damage or disturbance, provision is made that it is removed and your journey curtailed without any right to refund on the purchased ticket. Transport can also be denied when the bus is too crowded.

The above does not apply to guide dogs for the blind, which are always allowed free of charge, provided that they wear a muzzle and be kept on a leash.

No, your ticket includes the free transportation of 1 hand baggage and 1 hold baggage of up to 20 kg and no larger than 50x40x25 cm (in addition, you can also carry on board one small musical instrument or one suitably folded baby stroller). Bicycles that are disassembled and stored in a special bag and kick scooters are also admitted.

If your luggage exceeds the above dimensions or if you need to carry one additional piece of luggage (one and only one), you are allowed to, subject to space available in the hold and up to a maximum size of 40x60x80 cm for the additional piece of luggage.

We ask you to place an identification tag on the hold baggage, with clear and legible indication of your name and telephone number, and not to place any electronic equipment or anything valuable in it. Valuables must remain in the carry-on luggage under your custody and control, and cannot be placed on the adjacent seats.

We remind you that baggage containing smelly, dangerous, noxious or flammable goods is not allowed under any circumstances.

Yes, you may travel unaccompanied only if you are travelling to school, and subject to your parents’ consent.

In all other cases you may travel only if accompanied by a relative of legal age.

If when you get off the bus you realize you have forgotten a personal item, promptly ask for support by contacting the Customer Service on + 39 06 164 160.

In the event of a favourable response to your request, you may agree on time and mode to collect your items.

The custody will last the time strictly necessary for the restitution.

If you have lost the baggage stored in the hold you must – under penalty of forfeiture – have the fact ascertained by the crew and contact the Customer Service within 3 days.

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