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Travel titles

Our travel tickets valid for our trips are:

  • Simple Travel Ticket
  • Round trip ticket

They are valid on the day the ticket is stamped, for a  single trip, or a round trip on the route indicated on the ticket.

The price of this ticket is based on the rate. Single or round trip tickets can be purchased on our website in the Timetables and Fares section, directly on board or at one of our authorized ticket offices.


To use our services you can buy season tickets at our office in Castellammare del Golfo, Corso Garibaldi 20, or by assignment given to a member of our staff.
Subscriptions are individual, nominative and non-transferable.

Types of subscriptions

  • Weekly subscription: Valid for 10 or 12 trips on the route indicated on the season ticket, during the same week.
  • Monthly subscription: Valid for one calendar month, on the route indicated on the subscription

Please note that the rates for both season tickets and regular tickets are set by Sicilian Region’s decrees.

Buy your ticket

Provisions governing the transport of people on Autoservizi Russo S.r.l.

On the bus you must provide a valid ticket (or pass) . You are expected to buy the ticket on board by making a request to the driver as soon as you board
On the bus the customer is obliged to show the driver the ticket (or season ticket) and must immediately cancel it.
Subscribers must always carry their travel document with an identification document.
At the time of inspection by the company personnel, the user is obliged to facilitate the relative operations by showing the ticket. The identity of the passenger found without a valid subscription or a regularly validated ticket will be ascertained by the personnel in charge of the checks. In this case the passenger must provide a personal identification document. In the absence of a valid identification document or in case of refusal to present it, the Company will proceed to ascertain the personal identity through the Police.
If the User does not have a valid ticket, the verifiers, authorized in accordance with the law, will draw up a report of dispute, which can be reconciled by paying, within 30 days of notification, a reduced administrative penalty of € 50, 00 and the price of the single ticket. After this deadline, without written defense or payment having been received, the full penalty of € 100.00 is due, plus notification fees
The entrance on the bus must take place from the front door, while the exit must take place exclusively from the central or rear door.
It is forbidden to occupy more than one seat or clutter, in any way, exits or passages.
It is forbidden to distract or obstruct the driver in the performance of his duties.
It is forbidden to lean out of the windows or to throw objects.
It is forbidden to ask to get on or off the bus in a place other than the one established as a stop. The driver will be able to make extraordinary stops, at points other than those identified with the special stop poles, if dangerous situations are encountered and provided that the safety of operation never fails.
It is a must to facilitate, during the trip, the elderly or disabled by respecting the provisions relating to the seats reserved for them.
It is forbidden to dirty or damage the seats, walls, windows and bus furnishings.
Smoking is prohibited inside the bus.
On board it is not allowed to sing, play, cackle or behave in an unseemly or harassing manner that could cause inconvenience, disturbance, or discomfort to other customers and staff on duty.
It is forbidden to transport materials or things that for any reason could annoy or damage other passengers or cause damage to the bus; in particular, it is forbidden to carry dangerous or harmful substances (compressed gas or liquid cylinders, flammable, explosive, harmful and / or contaminating material).
It is forbidden to operate, except in case of serious and imminent danger, the emergency door opening devices as well as any other emergency device installed.
People who are in a state of intoxication or in physical or psychophysical conditions such as not to allow the regular performance of the service or to cause damage to themselves or to other customers are not allowed to enter the vehicle
Access is forbidden when personal clothing is dirty or indecent.
Leafleting and distribution of advertising material is not permitted on board without explicit and prior authorization from the company, even if it is for charity purposes.
Each passenger, with a regular travel document, can carry two suitcases, parcels or packages by hand and free of charge, after having deposited them in the luggage compartment. For the carriage of packages exceeding the admitted limits, the passenger must pay a single ticket for each additional item. In any case, objects that are excessively bulky, dirty or dangerous are not allowed to be transported. Pushchairs for children are allowed on board and transported for free as long as they are folded in such a way to reduce the overall dimensions to a minimum.
Children and youngsters under age of 4 accompanied by an adult are transported free of charge.
Only small pets are allowed on board provided they are adequately guarded (cage, basket, muzzle). For the transport of pets, the single ticket must be paid. The owner is responsible for any damage caused by his pet. Free transport is allowed for dogs accompanying a blind person, provided they are muzzled.
All objects found by the company staff on board of Autoservizi Russo S.r.l. buses, if they are not attributable to the owner, are kept at the corporate offices in Corso Garibaldi 20, for a maximum time of 30 days.
The stops on the scheduled services routes performed by Autoservizi Russo S.r.l. are identified with special poles. Stops in places other than those specified are not permitted.
The customer who requests the purchase of the ticket on board is obliged to obtain cash in advance in order to facilitate the duties to be borne by the driver and to safeguard punctuality at the stops.
The customer who requests the purchase of the ticket on board is obliged to obtain cash in advance in order to facilitate the duties to be borne by the driver and to safeguard punctuality at the stops.
The Customer who believes he has suffered physical damage on board or at the entrance or exit, is obliged to immediately report it to the bus driver, by providing any witnesses’ information. In the case that this is not possible for any reason, he must accurately identify the bus and report the fact to Autoservizi Russo S.r.l. during the day, also by telegram. He is also required to keep the ticket (valid subscription or canceled ticket) which authorizes him to use the bus on the day of the event and to attach a photostatic copy to the damage compensation report, together with appropriate documentation issued by a public institution.