In order to ensure the safety of our passengers’ health, we have limited the number of the seats reservable.

With this and other measures, we are committed to ensuring at least one metre distancing between passengers.

Staying at a distance of one metre is a useful and effective way to contrast the spread of Covid-19: in Sicily we are used to shaking hands and kissing, but we have to do without it temporarily…

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Do your part!

On board, thanks to the limititation of the reservable seats, we guarantee the distance between passengers, but you can help us too! When you are at the bus stop or you are preparing to board, keep a distance of one metre from the other people around you: it will be a sign of respect towards yourself and towards others.

Due to the COVID-19 emergency, our company has taken a series of steps to change and improve its regulations to protect the health of passengers and personnel.
For more information, also refer to the other articles about the topic on this website: it will make you travel more safely and protect your health and that of those around you!

Do you have any questions about what you can or cannot do on board our vehicles? Are the security provisions unclear to you? Do not hesitate to contact us: our staff will be happy to respond to your enquiries by phone, email or on social networks! It will be a pleasure for us to support you.

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