Dear Customer,

to ensure you travel in total safety, we have implemented an online purchase of the daily or weekly/monthly tickets.

You can book online or via App or you can go to an authorized ticket sale point, preferably away from peak times.

From the comfort of your home, you can also change the date and time of your departure and request refunds or invoices.

Distancing is ensured not only by a reduced capacity of the bus by 50%, but also by not allowing to board without a booking.

For this reason, please check on the ticket the bus ride you have booked and, if necessary, change your booking in advance.

We have taken every precaution to ensure distancing not only from other passengers but also from company operators. In fact, you will not need to get too close to the driver to show your ticket, as our staff is equipped with a bar code scanner able to read the barcode on your ticket from over a metre away.

You can safely take a seat in one of the unmarked seats. Each of our vehicles is cleaned and sanitized with the use of sodium-hypochlorite solutions every day.

During the trip, we guarantee an adequate level of ventilation through air conditioning and filtering systems that enable the air to be exchanged from the outside.