To ensure increased safety during the journey we have raised the hygiene standards required by health regulations

We have implemented an online booking system and a contactless validation of the ticket

Online booking and contactless validation aim to reduce contact with people and to ensure that distancing is maintained during boarding

Disinfectant dispenser on board

We have installed special hydroalcoholic-solutions dispensers on our vehicles to make hand disinfection easier and safer

We clean and disinfect each seat thoroughly

We undertake the cleaning and disinfection of each seat and of the surfaces that are more frequently touched

We sanitize our vehicles every day with Sodium Hypochlorite

We maintain the highest sanitation standards set by the Ministry of Health and the Higher Institute of Health

Air-filtering system aboard guaranteed

Our vehicles are equipped with high-performance filters that allow the exchange of air to the outside and the circulation of safe air inside the bus cabin

All our staff wear the appropriate protective equipment

All our staff, especially the drivers, comply with the distancing and protective measures