Dear Customer,

we would like to ensure you that with Segesta you always travel safely!

To protect your health and that of other people, we have implemented a system to buy daily/weekly/monthly tickets online, via web or App, even days in advance of the departure date. Tickets can also be purchased at the ticket sale points.

By purchasing online, or at a ticket sale point away from peak times, you reduce opportunities for contact with other people and are guaranteed distancing when boarding.

Before boarding, please make sure that the bus you are getting on is the one you have actually booked.

We have also implemented a system to validate your ticket or pass via laser in contactless mode, so that you can keep a safety distance from the driver.

If you are in possession of a valid ticket, you are guaranteed a seat that you may choose from those available when boarding.

To ensure distancing from other travellers, we ask you to occupy only the seats that are not marked with a ban sign.

We are also running an awareness campaign on the mandatory requirement to always wear a mask throughout the journey. For this reason, we would like to inform you that the initiative to forbid the consumption of food and drinks on board has been appreciated by our passengers as it prevents that the mask might be taken off while eating.

Every day we take care of cleaning and sanitizing our vehicles with sodium hypochlorite-based solutions, with particular attention to each seat and the surfaces with which passengers come into contact most.

During the journey, the natural ventilation of the environment is guaranteed by means of air conditioning systems which draw air from the outside and introduce it indoor through a suitable filtering system.

All our employees, and specifically the drivers, abide by the prescribed measures on safety distancing and protective equipment.

Grateful for your attention to the above, We wish you a pleasant journey!