With the reopening of high schools and the foreseen presence of more than 75% of the students, additional bus rides were added in order to boost the daily offer.

We remind you that only 50% of the vehicle homologated seats are occupied.

Buy your daily/weekly/monthly ticket in advance online (click here), on the App or at one of our authorized ticket sale points. You will have your seat reserved!

Regardless of the mode of purchase, the ticket will be issued if and only if there are seats available on the bus ride chosen.

If you are unable to travel on the booked date or time, up to 30 minutes before the scheduled departure you can change the time and date of your ticket in the CHANGE BOOKING section.

In order to protect one’s own health and that of the other passengers, it is mandatory to wear a mask, to occupy the seats that are not marked by a ban sign, to keep the same seat thoughout the journey and to avoid gatherings when boarding or getting off the bus.

We wish you a safe journey and a good return to school!